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Computer, digital literacy and Internet skills curricula

Technology and Learning colleagues,

For many years I have been collecting, updating and making available online a large list of mostly free resources, especially websites, for a range of adult literacy/basic education/English language teaching. It is called The Literacy List and you will find it at In responding to an email request today from a colleague here who was looking for computer/digital literacy and Internet skills resources, especially free ones, I updated the web page with these resources. If you are looking for adult basic education-focused computer and digital literacy assessments, curricula, and lessons and other resources to teach them, you might find the links on this page particularly useful.

I welcome your comments here about that webpage. Also, if you know of an excellent resource that you think I should add to the webpage, please let me know -- here or by email. Thanks.

David J. Rosen

Technology and Learning Cop Moderator




Diana Satin's picture

Hi David and all, 

The links are no longer working - what are the updated ones?

I'd love to have access to curricula programs are using that blend digital lit and ESOL. All levels would be appreciated, and ones that use phones, smart or otherwise too. Programs I work with are asking.

Much appreciated! 

David J. Rosen's picture

Hi Diana,

Comcast no longer hosts webpages for its subscribers so I have moved the Literacy List to a Google Document.

Below are some links from the main menu. Some pages are kept up to date; others are not. Check the last update date at the bottom of each page. ESOL/ESL web pages are fairly up-to-date and will be found under "Websites for Teachers and Learners".

On the following linked pages an apple and books icon tutorial.jpg indicates a website with instruction for students as well as teachers.

Websites for Teachers and Learners (Up to date)

Free Internet Tools for Teachers and Learners Productivity tools, e-mail, web site design, and more

ABE, ASE, ESOL/ESL and Career Pathways Instructional Videos

2014 Series GED® Exam Videos

Computer and Other Digital Literacy Assessments and Lessons (Up to date)

Online and Distance Learning Adult Education Resources

Electronic Lists, Online Discussion Forums, and Communities of Practice

Web-based Lesson Plans

Mobile Learning (m-learning) Instruction by mobile phones or web-accessible handheld devices such as smartphones, electronic tablets, Chromebooks or netbooks

Online Professional Development Resources  for Teachers and Tutors

Fundraising and Grant Information

Webpage Design Tools

Online Internet Professional Development Resources

Web-based Virtual Field Trips

If you -- or others -- have questions or suggestions for additions to web pages, you can email me at

David J. Rosen

Diana Satin's picture

Thanks, David. I'll (re)check these resources.