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Correctional Education Association Director's Forum

Hello Members,

I wanted to take a moment to mention that the Correctional Education Association (CEA)'s Director's Forum is coming up next weekend, March 17-19, in Columbia, Maryland.  There is still time to register and participate if you are interested.  More information is available at  This event is a smaller conference that sort of kicks-off the season and is a good opportunity to meet others in the field and to get a feel for what this year's "hot topics" in correctional education might be.  There will be lots of great speakers and many great workshops and presentations throughout the event.  Please let me know if you have questions or need additional information. 

-- Heather


Betty Abbott's picture

This is an excellent conference and there is a one day training for instructors on GED 2014. You will learn a lot. Thanks Heather for providing the information and link!