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Correctional Educational Association Conference

For anyone attending the Correctional Education Association International Forum in Cleveland Ohio from April 9-11, the U.S Department of Education will be participating in two panel discussions.


Expanding Access to Post-secondary Education for People in Prison and Planning for Better Reentry- Monday April 10th from 1:45-3:00pm

This panel will feature the Second Chance Pell Experimental Sites Initiative by highlighting Minnesota and Washington and their college in prison successes and innovative reentry programs.  National context will be provided by the U.S. Department of Education’s Director of Correctional Education.


Implementing WIOA in Correctional Settings- Tuesday April 11th from 8:00-9:15am

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act was signed into law in July 2014.  This Act includes the federal adult education program and includes new provisions and requirements pertaining to federal funding for adult education in correctional institutions.  This workshop will include information on these provisions and provide information on how they are being implemented in some States.


Come on out and say hello and ask questions if you have them.


BrookeIstas's picture

Sounds like a great opportunity!  Is anyone in the community attending these presentations?  If so, would you please post for us about what the biggest takeaway was for it?  I would love to attend but can't - but I am interested in knowing more about the expanding access to post-secondary education since my community college is looking into this.  Also, more information about implementing WIIOA in Correctional Settings would help, too.  So please let us know what you learn and post!