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Designing Contextualized Instruction

  • What is the role of the teachers in the program? Teachers is this program are not using lectures to teach rather hands on real world experiences to prepare students for the work force. 
  • How would you describe the teachers' attitudes toward teaching contextually? The teachers are taking a proactive approach based on research. They see what works for learners and apply it to create a better learning environment. 
  • What methods are used to deliver the instruction? Language taught and used is centered around the area of interest for the students this is part of hands on learning. 
  • How would you describe the reactions of the learners to contextual teaching methods and strategies? Learners are motivated and sound excited to be sharing their expereinces. They seem to be enjoying utilizing knowledge right away for their field of interest. Some have even changed their goals to reach higher.
  • How do their comments compare with those of your learners? Some learners have one end in mind and are unmotivated when it does not happen quickly. 
  • To what do you attribute the attitudes of learners in the video? The fact that they are working toward a goal on an area of interest and can see success in all aspects of learning.