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Do CCRS Reference "Codes" exist?

Hello. I'm working on a project to add the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) to OER Commons, and I'm looking for information on whether codes (e.g., alphanumeric identifiers) exist for the CCRS. As most of you are likely aware, OER Commons is a repository of open education resources created by and for educators. When a resource is added to the platform, the creator is prompted to align the resource with the applicable standard(s). However, the platform was originally conceived for K12 use, so the standards used on the platform are the Common Core State Standards. For the past few years, we've been asking OER Commons to add the CCRS for adult education. While they appreciated the need, lack of funding and other priorities pushed this request down the list of platform enhancements.

We now have a window of opportunity to add the CCRS to OER Commons, and the first step in the process is to identify whether a table of "codes" identifying each CCR standard exists. We're working from the original PDF of standards, but the only codes referenced in the PDF are the crosswalk to the CCSS. If a database of CCRS codes/identifiers exists, we want to use it rather than create confusion by creating our own identifiers for the CCRS.

Please reply as a comment to this post if you are aware of a database of CCRS codes (identifiers) that we could/should be using. Also, touch base with any questions or comments regarding where I should also check. Thank you!

Jennifer Maddrell, Executive Director
Designers for Learning

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Hello Jennifer!

Do you mean the reference code for each standard, such as 6.EE.2c from the math?  I've been using OERCommons for several years and I haven't had any problems uploading, evaluating, and creating resources using the codes.  The codes came from the Common Core codes.  When you chose the grade (in this example, 6th), it narrows down the possible domains (in this example, Expressions and Equations), then shows you the standards within that level.  There are some extra letters in the code for the Common Core, but it's easy to identify the standard (in this example, 2c).  I guess since this has been working fine for me, I'm not clearly understanding the reasons behind your request of OERCommons. 

Feel free to contact me, :-)Connie

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Yes ... exactly as you note. The existing reference codes in OER Commons relate to the Common Core codes. We, too, have always tagged our new adult ed resources to those codes. While there is overlap in the standards there are slight differences (e.g., grade-level groupings versus K12 grade-by-grade), and an aim of this effort is to improve the backend searching/filtering capabilities for adult ed specific resources, which will be improved when resources are tagged to the CCRS vs CCSS. Thank you for your input!

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One field I have found frustrating to fill in is "Education Levels" because I have wanted to connect several different elementary levels to the activity, but the system will only allow the exact K-12 label where the CCSS would be found.  I hope you can make progress with that!

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Yes! Agreed. Thank you for the input!

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I don't know that a system exists but I'm wondering if you could use what's there - the Anchor number and the EFL level, for example 6.C.1 would refer to anchor 6, level C, the first benchmark = Analyze multiple accounts of the same event or topic, noting important similarities and differences in the point of view they represent.