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Exciting New Paid Professional Development Opportunity for Adult Ed Math Teachers!

We invite you to join a diverse community of adult math educators, experts in math, technology and pedagogy and the US Dept of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education for a two-month, paid opportunity!

Together, you will create your own open educational resources (OER) curriculum for the adult education classroom and build upon the existing library of standards-aligned, accessible, and free resources to sharpen the skills of adult instructors and the students they serve.

Visit our LINCS page to learn more about participating in Power in Numbers User Group 2. If you would like to receive updates about this program, please sign up for our newsletter.




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One hundred

I participated in the first group and it was excellent!   I learned a lot from the community and the experience.   

I've been impressed with the Illustrative Math curriculum, which is OER.   As I mentioned earlier, they had asked for review of their high school materials and ... I have not heard anything about the part I commented on, which was materials for students needing extra support.   (My bringing that up was not well received.)   

Now, I know the Power In Numbers focuses on "advanced" math, as in at least Algebra, but I think some awesome adult ed OER could be created by modifying  their highly conceptual middle school materials.   A "curriculum" is a pretty hefty thing to attempt w/ 20 people in two months ... but it could be built on something that is already pretty strong...