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A few highlights from past discussions

Hello colleagues, In case you were busy and didn’t get to check out some of the discussions held in the last month, here are links to the threads along with some highlights.

Getting acquainted activities

  • Check out this discussion for some innovative ideas for helping English learners get acquainted with one another as well as with the teacher.
  • What is one of the most enjoyable getting acquainted activities you’ve done in class?

Creative ways to teach “if…” clauses

  • “If…” clauses can be especially confusing to English learners. In this thread, members shared some great techniques for approaching this complicated aspect of grammar.
  • What question would you like to pose to our community about a certain aspect of grammar?

Recommendations for self-study

  • In this thread numerous excellent resources were suggested for learners to study on their own.
  • What might you be able to add to this list?

Adult ESL, Family Literacy, and Technology

  • Check out this thread to learn how one program is supporting busy moms at a drop-in center as well as through the creative use of technology.
  •  What are your questions about how a drop-in center might work?

LINCS is an amazing venue for networking with adult basic education colleagues all across the US. Your questions and contributions to these and all discussions are welcome in our online community.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP