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First Gen Student Success Strategies - Videos

Heritage University's Institute of Student Identity and Success is focused on finding and sharing promising classroom practices for increased success by first-generation students.  Some years ago they began conducting interview-based research along with intensified review of the literature on college teaching and first-generation students. The research identified four key elements of college student success which are especially crucial for first-generation students: 1) Engaged Learning; 2) Confidence in their ability to succeed; 3) Bonding with their college peers, faculty, and institution; and 4) Vision of where their education can take them. They have recently released a series of 3-4 minute videos profiling breakthrough strategies that have shown promise.  

These videos include topics like - Time and Place to Study, Building Student Confidence, Using Analogies, and Embracing an Academic Identity.

They also have a well-curated list of  additional references HERE

Instructors can share these videos in the classroom or distribute the video links to students. Please share your ideas and suggestions by Replying below. 

~ Priyanka Sharma 



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Thanks for sharing, Priyanka.  I'm glad academia is starting to realize that the experiences of first generation college students are unique.  The link below is to an article, from the New York Times, that I found particularly inspiring.