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In five years, could Virtual Reality be as big in the US as Netflix? What are the implications for us?

Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Although the Integrating Technology group is for adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) teachers and other educators, and is not generally about technology but about how to use technology for teaching and learning, I would like to encourage posts about new or fast-growing technologies that  you think adult basic skills educators should pay attention to. In that spirit I encourage you to read this article in Quartz,  In five years, VR could be as big in the US as Netflix about a study that suggests Virtual Reality will soon be very popular.

Do you use Virtual Reality now in your classes or tutorials? Are you thinking about using VR applications for teaching and learning?

Do any of your students have their own VR equipment? When you regularly ask each new class how many people have smartphones, tablets, computers, and Internet access, do you also ask if they use Virtual Reality apps? 

Do you see any promising VR applications for adult English language learning or for other adult basic skills? If so which ones, and how might you use them?

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group