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Follow Up Questions on Using Test Prompts to Develop Academic Writing

In October and November, we have held two Webinars and discussions relating to developing writing skills among adult native and non-native English speakers, led by Susan Finn-Miller and guest experts, Joy Peytonand and Kirsten Schaetzel. Several questions were raised in those webinars and discussions that deserve further attention.
This is a follow up on the Webinar and discussion "Using Writing Test Prompts to Develop Academic Writing," with Dr. Kirsten Schaetzel, where a variety of innovative and effective ideas were suggested. Please reflect on the following questions that came up, and take a few minutes to contribute to our little learning community regarding your views and experience on one or all issues that were brought up. Let's talk more about this important topic.
Using Test Prompts to Develop Academic Writing
  1. What have your students found challenging about the new tests? 
  2. If you haven't had students take these tests yet, what do you think your students would find challenging?
  3. In addition to ideas shared in the forum, what are some other ways people have increased students' confidence in their writing? 
  4. In addition to ideas shared in the forum, are there other strategies that people use to help students figure out word meaning?
  5. Members, your thoughts and suggested techniques for supporting learners to deepen their understanding of words are welcome. What works for you?
  6. Kiersten shared two resources that can be used to introduce academic writing and language at lower proficiency levels. Most of the time, these resources will begin with students' oral language and then move to written language. Do others have writing activities that they have used with particular levels of students? Please share!
Stay tuned for more in December for the final webinar and discussion in our series on teaching academic writing. Please join us!
  • Webinar: Friday, December 7 at 1:00 ET Writing as a Basis for Reading with Dr. Rebeca Fernandez
  • Follow up discussion December 10 & 11)