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Formative Assessment: What are some formative assessment strategies you use?

Hello, group--

LINCS just finished an online Formative Assessment course from the TEAL (Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy) series.  Formative assessment is assessment that takes place while the teaching and learning is happening, not after the content is taught.  The purpose is to let the teacher or tutor into the mind of the learner-- What is the learner thinking about this content?  How is the learner thinking about this content? And something we all think at some point or another-- Am I getting through???

Researchers in the Just Write! Guide from TEAL cite four things that are necessary for a good formative assessment process:

  • Identifying the gap
  • Feedback (from both learner and teacher/tutor)
  • Learning Progressions (breaking learning goals into subgoals)
  • Involving students

What are some Formative Assessment strategies you use in your practice?  How do you hit upon the four essential elements?

Look forward to hearing from you!