Save the date for a free LINCS Community webinar on Thursday, May 30, 2013 from 2-3PM EDT.  Log in info will be emailed directly to registered participants as we approach the webinar date.

Deborah Kennedy and Miriam Burt of the Center for Applied Linguistics, as well as Jennifer Leach of the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection will host a 60-minute webinar. The purpose of this event is to share free, downloadable instructional and informational materials for practitioners working with adult learners with low literacy in English – both native and non-native English speakers. These materials can be used in classrooms, in one-on-one tutoring, or even by students themselves working online. 

Registration is closed.  Thank you for your interest.

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Comments (57)

Jo Perkins's picture

I look forward to attending this webinar and the sharing of materials I may use with adult learners. Thank you.

Judy Trupin's picture

I'd like to attend, too!

Lois09's picture
Linda Church's picture

Count me in and thanks for doing this!

Linda Church's picture

I would like to attend this webinar!

mfons's picture

Please add me to this webinar as well.Thank you!

Rosalind M's picture

This is a topic of great relevance to all nationalities, and will be very useful for our lesson plans on money and budgeting.


lagoratus's picture

I would be interested in attending the webinar 5/30

bjteach's picture

Some of the banks in the Chicago area have some great materials for financial literacy, but they seem to written at 6.0 grade level.  I have used them, but have had to rewrite.  Some of the problems arise because the vocabulary needed to work with banks, credit cards, etc is very difficult for those who are reading at high level let alone below 6.0.  I am looking  forward for the materials that will help explain the needed vocabulary.

Debra Burdman's picture

Will there be a reminder or a log in sent to our emails?

Jessie Stadd's picture

Hi Debra,

Yes, we'll be providing login information to those who RSVP. 



SusanW's picture

Please add me to the webinar invite list.  Thank you!  Susan W

xmunoz's picture

Please sign me up for the webinar as well. Looking forward to it

Jim Mohr's picture

Pleas sign me up for this event.  Jim Mohr,

Will we receive a link or something to give us access?




Kay Hartley's picture

I would like to attend the webinar.  Will it be archived?  I would like additional teachers to participate when they are not responsible for being in class.

intercambio_uniting_communities's picture's picture

I too would like to attend the training.  Thank you.

Lesley Goldberg's picture

Would love to have information about this webinar.  Date? Time? Login, etc.

thank you

Lesley Goldberg's picture

I would like to attend this webinar. Please send me login (linc) info.  Thank you!

lherna05's picture

I would like to attend this webinar. 


Btomasello's picture

Hello!  This is my rsvp for the Financial Webinar on May 30th. 

How will I access the webinar?



craynor's picture

I would like to attend the Financial Literacy Webinar.

cc-macy's picture
Deb Schaffer's picture
Christie Knighton's picture


I want to attend the webinar, but I have class at that time.  Will this be archived so I can listen later?


~Christie Knighton

mcooper's picture

Please sign me up for the webinar. A colleague and I are planning a basic financial literacy workshop for low level  students in the next few weeks.

Thank you.

Miriamb3's picture

Hi, all. I'm very happy to see such interest in the Webinar and looking forward to talking with everyone. Dorjan, can you answer  questions members have posted about accessing and archiving the Webinar?




djbegs's picture

Please add my registration for the webinar

LVSA Director's picture

I also would like to attend.  Thank You!

Mary Ellen Waddell's picture

I am interested in being included in the Financial Literacy webinar.

Maria Elena's picture

I'm interested in attending this webinar.


Dorjan Chaney's picture

Thank you all for stating your interest in the upcoming webinar.  We will be sending a reminder with the link location for the webinar the week of, and even the day of, the webinar.

LAnderson's picture

I would like to join the webinar

eleanor.brockman's picture

I plan to be part of the webinar. Thank you!

Nadine's picture

This opportunity is quite timely as I am creating a financial workshop for my adult students. It's something I hope to launch this summer! I look forward to this hour on the 30th.

ccimmino's picture

Please enroll me in the webinar,  Thank you

Lois09's picture

I appreciate your organizing this webinar but next time please provide a separate email for people to register. I'm overwhelmed with email. Thanks.

Christina's picture

Thank you.

Lisa White's picture

I would like to attend.




Lisa W

CynthiaB's picture
Ange Amon's picture

I am planning on attending.

Ange Amon

Betsy Rubin - Chicago's picture

Hello everyone,

This group is a wonderful way to inform us about webinars and other opportunities - so I wholeheartedly advocate that. BUT.... could the providers of webinars please provide SEPARATE registration contact info, e.g. "Please register by emailing Jane Doe at" In other words, please do not use the group/list itself for the actual registration.

We are being absolutely inundated by people posting "Please register me for this webinar" because people were asked to register this way. Those of us who get each post via email are swamped by dozens of emails saying "I would like to attend." Threads should be used for discussion of professional topics, not registration for a webinar.

Hope that LINCS administrators will actively support this request - thanks much!

Betsy Rubin
Literacy Works


LINCS_Communications's picture


A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have indicated interest in the upcoming financial literacy webinar. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by the RSVP/registration instructions for this event. We will be exploring different RSVP/registration avenues for future events so as not to disrupt groups' professional discussions and members' email accounts.

Registration for this event will be limited to the first 50 people who RSVP (including those who have already indicated in this thread that they wish to attend). Approximately 15 seats are remaining. If you have not yet indicated your RSVP, please do so by emailing Dorjan Chaney at Do not RSVP by posting a comment in this discussion thread. However, we do encourage you to post content-related questions and comments for the presenters in this thread!

The webinar team will email additional details and instructions to access the webinar only to members who have completed their RSVP. If you indicated your RSVP via a comment below, we will use the email address in your community profile to contact you. These details will be sent closer to the webinar date.

Please use the Contact Us tab if you have additional questions, comments, or concerns. For more information on how to manage your email notifications, including indicating your preferences for specific group discussions, view the How Do I document located at:

Best regards -- LINCS Community Team

asgard's picture

I would like to attend the financial literacy materials.

DianaVzla's picture

I'm really interested in this webinar but unable to attend. Would it be archive so I can access it later?




Dorjan Chaney's picture

Unfortuantely, we will not be archiving our webinars very soon.  We will begin archiving in the future and will in fact, back archive this webinar and previous webinars.  If you could attend the webinar that would be great, but FYI we are working to make sure that we can put these webinars up in a timely manner, in a format and location that is assessible to everyone.

Thank you for you inquiry.

Linda H-K's picture

Please add me to your list of registrants.Linda Hamilton-Korey

Karen Green's picture

I would like to participate in the webinar! We offer financial literacy in our ESL classes, but it has been difficult to get bankers to incorporate the English our students need into the FDIC Money Smart curriculum or other curriculums that the different banks use. Our local literacy coalition will be working with United Way to try to have trainings for bankers to understand what adult learners need most.

Dorjan Chaney's picture

We have had a great response and show of interest for this upcoming webinar.  We are closing registration today.  Expect to receive a message the middle of next week and again on the day of.  

When you receive the message please reply to confirm receipt. Everyone enjoy your weekend.  I look forward to May 30th!


Gretta's picture

Hope I am not too late - your jsut closed!  Count me in if you can. If not,  do you have resource material to share?





Dorjan Chaney's picture

materials will be shared and can be requested in this thread.  one of the presenters is also the host of the Adult ELL group. So your specific questions can be answered.

butlerwales's picture

I appreciate the offer to share materials, please add my name to the list.

Thank you,

Carole Fuller

Carlos Rosario Charter School, Washington, DC

DFields29's picture

I just joined the LINCS community today and happen to be working on developing a Financial Literacy curriculum for my organization. I was sad to see that this webinar was last year; I think it'd be very helpful as I tackle this project. Where can I find the shared materials from this webinar? 


Miriamb3's picture

Dear DF (and all),

Thank you for your interest in last year's webinar on financial literacy materials. Please check out this website:

for materials  you can download or use right online for students with limited literacy in English.

Miriam, SME Adult ELL CoP


AmyGoettle's picture

I'd like to attend as well

Miriamb3's picture

Hi, all.

Looking forward to "talking" with those of you who have registered for the Webinar tomororw at 2 PM, EDT on ! Financial Literacy Materials for Adults with Limited English Reading Proficiency.

There will be time during the webinar for discussion. I hope we can continue the discussion here on the ELL forum afterwards.

Miriam Burt
SME, Adult ELL CoP

Kim Surgeon's picture

I guess I did not realize I had to register. Hope to catch the next one! Or maybe someone can share what they learn!!


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