I am in the midst of researching alternatives to the GED 2014. Has anyone had any success with locating viable alternatives? If so, would you be so kind to share?

Thank you all in advance,


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Hello Ryan,

This is old information, but I heard enough states expressed interest for them to go ahead with development

I can't figure out how to attach a power point, so I'll just type contact info: Amy Riker ariker@ets.org  1-609-619-1640.

What state are you in?









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Well, this is really more of another route to a high school diploma.  It is not a test.  Have you heard of the National External Diploma Program?  I find it to be an excellent choice for some of my students.  Check out:  http://www2.casas.org/home/?fuseaction=nedp.welcome.

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Ryan and others,

A recent Working Poor Families Project paper, Preparing for the new GED® Test: What to Consider before 2014, by Carol Clymer, has a section on high school equivalency alternatives that includes tests but also other alternatives.



Incidentally, on page 13 Carol refers to a GED2014 Planning temp;ate that I developed. The correct web adderss for that is https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6715575/GED%202014%20Template%20for%20Planning.docx  

David J. Rosen



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Hi, All--haven't posted in awhile due to work constraints, and for those who are working with GEDTS 2014, you can find a great survey in the MN link below--helpful for helping teaching staff to shore up gaps, discuss strategy for team teaching, etc.

Best to you all in 2013,


GED Instructors and Programs:
If you haven't yet learned as much as you want or need to about the GED 2014 test arriving in January of 2014, the Minnesota Dept. of Ed has an excellent summary report. A bit of its information is slightly outdated because the MN summary came out in October, just before GEDTS published its updated Assessment Guide for Educators in November.

http://abe.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/summary_of_2014_ged_test_2.pdf     (MN summary)

http://www.gedtestingservice.com/educators/assessment-guide-for-educators  (GEDTS Nov. guide)

The Item Samplers that GEDTS offers on its website are an excellent way to get your PD going. Include as many ancillary staff as you can so that everyone is knowledgeable and can answers questions effectively and accurately as they start coming in to our adult education centers.



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Thank you all!

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