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GED Instruction and Health Literacy

Hi all,

Below is a cross post from the Health Literacy group. You can join the discussion thread at this link .  The lesson on "Research Skills Lessons: Researching Tobacco and Other Health Topics on the Internet" may be of particular interest to members of the Technology and Learning group.




Hi Everyone,

In my experience, GED students are reluctant to study or read anything if it doesn't directly relate to the test. In the past, this has sometimes made it hard to address health literacy at this level. But I know that there are new guidelines for the GED, including a health topic. I am not familiar with this and would love it if someone could help explain the new health knowledge requirements! Anyone??

This would help us to find and create instructional materials that would help GED students to prepare for the test (and help them improve their health literacy skills at the same time!)

Here is one resource that was written for GED students, that was evaluated and shown to be effective:

The Tobacco and Literacy Education Project

This includes three health literacy lessons designed for ABE/GED instruction. The lessons provide compelling information about the hazards of tobacco use while teaching basic literacy skills. Each lesson comes complete with lesson overview, multiple learning activities, teacher notes, and answer keys. The lessons are:

  1. Math Lesson: Calculating the Costs of Smoking
  2. Language Arts Lesson: Reading and Writing about Secondhand Smoke
  3. Research Skills Lessons: Researching Tobacco and Other Health Topics on the Internet

Has anyone used this? Does it seem like something that would work for GED instruction?