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GED Science Curriculum from the MN Literacy Council

Dear Teachers of Science,

Happy January 2016! I hope that those of you who are expecting blizzards and ice storms this weekend will be warm and safe.

If you haven’t seen this resource yet and your state uses the GED exam, then check out this GED Science Curriculum from the Minnesota Literacy Council:

From the website, “The curriculum features 47 lessons divided into three units which represent the areas of scientific study covered in the GED Science subject test (Earth and Space Science, Life Science and Physical Science). Another small unit includes a lesson on the Scientific Method and corresponding classroom experiment lesson.  An overview of the curriculum and extra lesson on probability and scientific notation on the GED Science exam are also provided, along with this menu of videos included in the lessons outlined in the grid below.”

Have you tried any of these lessons? If so, which one(s) and how did they go? Did you modify them in any way?

I look forward to seeing a great start to 2016 here in our science community!


Jackie Taylor, Moderator

Science Community of Practice