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Generation 1.5 learners in high school equivalency classes?

Hello colleagues,

The term Generation 1.5 is sometimes used to refer to individuals who came to the US as children. These individuals are neither first nor second generation. I've also heard the term used to describe individuals who were born in the US to immigrant parents, and who grow up speaking one or more languages besides English at home. Whether the individuals came to the US as children or were born here, they learn English as children in school, and thus they typically speak English fluently.

Since our education system does not always support bilingual education, these Generation 1.5 students may not develop strong academic skills in their home tongue(s).  Some of these learners may struggle with academic English as well.

I'm wondering if members have Generation 1.5 learners in their high school equivalency classes. If so, what do you see as their unique needs and how are you supporting them?

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition and Teaching & Learning CoPs