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Getting Students Connected

Since so much reading and writing is done now on computers, it would be wonderful to have all students able to access computers and connectivity from home. Research often reminds us that home access increases practice, which is no surprise!

Way back in 2014, the Integrating Technology group discussed "7 Strategies To Support Students Who Can’t Afford Technology."  The popular was mentioned. This weekend, I found similar additional resources listed at the site below to give students cheap access to computers and connectivity: - Low-Income Internet Service Providers - Cheap broadband internet plans have been created by public-private partnerships, to bring high-speed, wireless internet access to those on government assistance or who are low-income. These low-income internet service providers can help those who qualify to get online, with broadband internet speeds for a very, very low monthly rate and no contract hassles. Click through the list to find incredible deals.

Has anyone here been funded to get students connected and practicing computer skills at home? If so, please share your experience, adding tips for others to follow. Thanks!