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What would happen if we started transitioning into no-grade systems? 
The ASCD Express is focusing on "Can You Go Gradeless?" (ASCD:Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) 
What role should grades play in student assessment? An increasing number of educators are trying out a no-grades classroom, replacing a traditional A–F system with methods that encourage students to take charge of their learning progress. 
In this issue, researchers and educators discuss their preferred approach to alternative assessment and how they fairly gauge and report students' learning when more familiar tactics are off the table. 
What implications would you foresee for students, instructors, and programs if we stopped the A-F grading system? Is it worth considering? What would no grading look like in ABE? How would adult educators report to funders on progress? Hmmmm....
Do any of the suggestions shared in the journal appeal to you?  Leecy


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One hundred

Hello Leecy and all, Thanks for bringing up grades, Leecy. I'm curious if you or others are aware of adult basic education programs that use the A-F grading system. The issue of feedback is super important. I'd love to hear how teachers ensure that learners often see that they are making progress.

Teachers, it would be great to hear how are you documenting learners' progress. 

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP