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A Great Resource -- Reading Skills for Health Care Workers

Hello colleagues, I'm sure that many of you are familiar with the great resources available from Marshall Adult Education, Reading Skills for Today's Adults. You can read the LINCS review here.

Our wonderful Minnesota colleagues Kristine Kelly and Pat Thomas have created a similar resource with content relevant to learners who are either working in health care or interested in working in health care-- Reading Skills for Health Care Workers. For instance, these resources would be useful in a class for learners who are preparing to enter training.

On the site you will find 175 articles on health care related topics. Students can both read and listen to the articles at the same time, and they have 3 listening speeds to choose from. Each article also has vocabulary work and writing to support language development.

These articles could be used as part of a class as well as for homework.

These materials would be highly motivating for learners who want to work in health care. Plus, we know that contextualizing language around meaningful content is highly effective. Moreover, the site engages learners in reading, listening, vocabulary study and writing in engaging ways.

Members, let us know your thoughts!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition



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Thanks for sharing this very useful site and its resources, Susan. I have developed a great deal of material to help adults with limited reading, writing, and math skills succeed in entry level training for health careers. I have written site managers to ask about terms of use. I'll share when I find out more. Leecy

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I inquired about terms of use for Their response was, "We do not allow the modification and online post of our materials, but students and teachers can print the materials for classroom use." Hope that helps. Leecy