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Hands On Banking by Wells Fargo

Hello group. I am new to the site, so not sure how exactly this all works. I'm with the Florida Literacy Coalition and Wells Fargo has given us a few grants over the past years and we support financial literacy programs using their Hands On Banking curriculum (either alone or in conjunction with other resources). We have noticed (as well as other organizations) that the pre-test/post-test is challenging for English learners. We are looking to simplify and broaden the Pre-Test for our adult English learners. Have any of you worked with this program in the past? Do you know anyone, or have you, modified the pre-post test to make it more understandable by low-level English learners?


If you have not worked with it before, I would still love to hear how you might modify this test to make it more appropriate for ESOL and ESL students.

This is a copy of the test and answer key:


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One hundred


Great question - I haven't worked with this curriculum before but I could see how it might be intimidating to ESL or ESOL learners. Would it be possible to put it into a word document and then use the translation software in Word to translate it across?  I wonder if it would translate it correctly?  I am interested in what others might think....thoughts??


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While translating the test would definitely make it more understandable, half of our goal is still to teach English. Teaching Financial Literacy lets our organizations teach English while also giving students real-world, applicable knowledge of the American financial system. Now that I have spent more time looking at Hands On Banking, I am even concerned that the whole curriculum is too hard for our adult ESOL learners. I would love to hear what curriculum other adult ESOL programs are using to teach financial literacy to their ESOL students.