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The high cost of textbooks

{This discussion is cross-posted on Postsecondary Completion and Financial Literacy groups}

We all know that the cost of going to college has increased substantially in recent years but I came across this graph and it was humbling to see the cost of textbooks being compared to consumer price index. I want to find a graph similar to this one for college tuition.

Students could have a discussion around this during a Math class and interpret the data. It is important to talk to students about these costs of going to college as they prepare and plan their postsecondary journey. Share ideas about how to defray these costs, how to find used books online or checking out textbooks, if available, from the college library... Other ideas?

 College Textbook Prices from 1978 to now

Taken from:

~ Priyanka Sharma
SME, Postsecondary Completion