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Honoring Veterans as Educators

Tom Sticht, International Consultant in Adult Education (Ret.), shared comments (excepts below) to honor those who served in education! To access the entire short article, go
Celebrating Adult Literacy Educator Veterans of Wars 
On Veterans Day we celebrate the lives of the veterans of these wars and thank those both living and dead who have fought to keep us free. Among these veterans are adult educators, both military and civilian, who worked, often under arduous conditions, to help America’s non-English speaking, illiterate, and under-educated military personnel learn to read, write, and compute...
...In all these wars adult literacy instructors, including thousands of active duty military personnel, contributed to the war efforts through their teaching of reading. As veterans, some of these former soldiers or sailors went on to translate techniques for teaching basic skills for soldiers into methods for teaching basic skills for both children and adults.
Do you have students respond to or develop prompts relating to military service and the many issues related to it in the US and abroad? Please share those with us here. Leecy