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How do you learn about new digital tools?

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

Leecy Wise and Ed Latham have been discussing a digital tool to which Leecy has called our attention, WolframAlpha. Please join in that conversation!

This has prompted me to wonder how you and we find out about new tools. Do you read online journals? If so which ones do you find especially useful? Are you a member of other online communities of practice where digital tools are discussed? If so, which online communities? Is there a publication, an education or technology journal or magazine -- or a column of a publication -- where you learn about digital tools? Are there technology blogs that you read? If so, which ones do you find especially helpful? How else do you find out about digital tools that you might find useful?

I hope many people in the Technology and Learning CoP will join in this discussion. Even if you only mention one resource, that would help others. If many people join in, we will all benefit. Thanks.

David J. Rosen

Moderator, technology and Learning CoP


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One hundred

Hi David, 

I find a lot of my resources at Twitter by following these hashtags #adulted, #edtechchat, and #edtech. Sometimes I find hidden gems and other times, I am reminded of a resource that I read about. 

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Hi, Everyone,

I just started a Twitter account and think it is a wonderful way to learn about new tech and what is going on with other Adult Ed organizations, providers, etc. #DigitalLiteracy is also a good hash tag.

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Welcome to Twitter! I hope you'll find it to be an informative social network. Like the other networks, Twitter changes things up from time to time. I suggest visiting the Help Center every once in a while or if you have questions. 

I invite you to connect with us there, too. We are @GEDTesting as well as @MyGED (for students).



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Technology and Learning Colleagues,

I would love to hear from you about how you learn about new digital tools! I learn about them in many ways, from online free newsletters such as Edsurge, and Tech & Learning ENews, education technology blogs such as Ask a Tech Teacher and, of course, from discussions here, and from tools and resources suggested or reviewed in the micro-group here.

Here's an example that may be of interest. Today I read an Edsurge e-newsletter article about digital formative assessment tools, about three formative assessment tools in particular. Most of the EdSurge, and other technology newsletter articles are aimed at K-12 or higher education technology-using teachers or administrators, so it is important to have adult basic skills teachers who read them -- and finding tools and resources that would also be useful to adults learning basic skills -- share what they have found. I would like to see this discussion thread in the Technology and Learning CoP become a way that we can do that, share digital tools that look promising for, or have been shown to be effective in, adult basic skills teaching and learning.

These three formative assessment tools -- NearpodEDpuzzle, and SMARTLab -- look promising to me. Have you used any of them with adult basic skills learners? If so tell us how you use them, if you like them or not, and if so, why. Also mentioned in the article are Kahoot and Plickers, tools that I know are widely used and liked by adult basic skills teachers. If you would like to tell us how you use them, and why you like or don't like them, that would be fine too!

David J. Rosen, Moderator

Technology and Learning CoP