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How Do You Use Your LINCS Community?

We are currently conducting a social network analysis of the LINCS Communities of Practice. One of the strategies being applied is to solicit input from community members themselves through discussion posts in the community.

We would really like to learn more about how you use the LINCS Community! Please share your thoughts on the following questions. Your input is deeply appreciated. Simply respond here by click on "Add a new comment," at the bottom of this message.

1) Please share some examples of how you are applying what you learn on LINCS.
•       Have peer-to-peer connections through the LINCS platform had an impact on your work?
•       How about specific resources that have been available on the site?
•       Please provide examples or stories so others can understand what has been useful to you and why.
2)  Does participation in the LINCS Community of Practice offer superior or unique value to you, compared to other environments in which you access peer advice or resources for adult educators?  If so, what specific benefits of the LINCS Community of Practice stand out for you and why?

Leecy Wise, Moderator,  Reading and Writing CoP




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Members of our R&W community, if you would prefer to send me your responses to the questions posed directly, I will report them anonymously. Whatever your choice, please take a few minutes to respond. Your input is valuable!


Leecy Wise, Moderator Reading and Writing CoP