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How to Teach Social Studies, According to Video Game Player, Sandra Day O’Connor


My friend Paul Jurmo, participatory educator, currently a Peace Corps Education Leader in Tonga, and avid reader of the New York Times online, sent this fascinating article about how retired Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor has devoted herself to teaching U.S. civics through free and engaging video games.  Having consulted with literacy and education professor James Gee at Arizona State University, author of What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy, this 86 year old “video game impresario” has produced 19 free, “inclusive and nonpartisan” online education games, along with accompanying lesson plans.

Social studies teachers, gamers, and everyone who thinks it is important for adults and children in the U.S. to learn about American democracy, if you try these games let us know what you think.  Could they be useful for adult learners studying social studies for high school equivalency tests? For family literacy, where parents and middle school children learn about American civics together? To help immigrants and others learn about American democracy, including about the upcoming Presidential election?

David J. Rosen

Moderator, Technology and Learning CoP


Leecy's picture

Thanks for sharing these resources, David. I've passed them on to Adult Ed instructors in SW Colorado. Leecy

Di Baycich's picture

Yes, Thank you. I sent the information out to Ohio about the site by Sandra Day O'Connor and have already gotten some favorable feedback from teachers.