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How to Use Comic Strip Making Websites to Enhance Your Teaching

Dear colleagues, 
Just wanted to share my new article, ''How to Use Comic Strip Making Websites to Enhance Your Teaching, at:

 How To Use Comic Strip Making Websites To Enhance Your Teaching - eLearning Industry                    

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How To Use Comic Strip Making Websites To Enhance Your Teaching - eLearning Industry
Imagine a group of immigrant students sitting together around a computer and collaboratively creating a comic strip together that tells a story. Think of the language and speaking skills they develop as they work together to put words and sentences into the mouths of the comic characters.
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Hope you find it useful in your work and share with others. 

-- Bill Zimmerman

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This might also be useful as a follow-up activity for role-play, giving learners an opportunity to practice and reinforce what they've learned before it evaporates from short-term memory.

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A few comic resource people may wish to look over when picking great resources. No matter what you use, having good assignments that are well structured can have much more influence than the tool you choose. 

Resources (most of them free) Straight from Marvel Magazine !!!! Very nice graphic novel building site from the UK No log in required which may help some with closed networks


Science / Comics tie in resource: Just sharing because it is a great way to get comic "nerds" relating to chemistry

Blog: This resource has tons of great reading materials to help support your efforts of getting learners using comics in literary ways.

I had to stay back in 5th grade because my reading comprehension was low. My father got frustrated with the SRA and other resources the schools were providing so he went out and got me a stack of comics and POOF! I was sucked in. That joy bled into my own story telling, making my own comics (scribbled on scraps of paper I still have today), and even a joy for writing without pictures as my skills progressed. There is huge power in comics being able to open doors to literacy for struggling readers! Enjoy!

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You've hit a favorite topic of interest, Edward and others, and one I have advocated for years. In fact, I shared some of the resources you posted in the Diversity and Literacy, and Reading and Writing communities back in April and May. I hope others will continue to expand on this topic! Thanks. Leecy

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Dear Edward,

Hope you will include in your list of comic generator resources.


Bill Zimmerman

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Sorry I did not include that resource in my list Bill. I had seen the resource shared in the discussion thread already and did not think to include that. I wanted to offer some other resources people may not have seen or heard about, but I should have included such a valuable resource with the footnote that it had already been shared by the community.