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I-BEST team teaching classroom videos


The Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges has just posted some new I-BEST team teaching classroom videos. Three short videos focus on six I-BEST team teaching models and include classroom examples of team-teaching. We have just added links to these videos on the Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) web site at The Media Library of Teaching Skills is designed for teachers of adult basic and secondary education (including ESOL/ESL) as a "video window" into other teachers' classrooms. MLoTS includes a large section with links to other professional development videos, making it a "one stop" video library for adult basic education professional development.

Links to the I-BEST videos will also be found at . To my knowledge these videos are the first example of models of team teaching in adult basic education, although other examples of team teaching, and even team teaching classroom videos, exist. (You will find an MLoTS video showing integrating technology in basic skills and job skills training in health care .)

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on:

1) The use of team teaching in adult basic skills and technical education;

2) Any of the I-BEST team teaching models;

3) How these videos might be used in adult basic skills (ABE, ASE, Transition to higher education, ESL/ESOL) professional development; and/or

4) The examples in these videos of team teaching math/numeracy with occupational training.

David J. Rosen


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In addition to these videos, if you are interested in learning more about Team Teaching Models then please do checkout this free course that National College Transition Network (NCTN) has developed as part of the Accelerating Opportunity initiative. 

Course details: Team Teaching – Models and Practice is aimed at guiding basic skills and professional-technical instructors in learning how to identify the six models of team teaching, to reflect on their own model preferences and what other models could offer, and to develop an awareness of how team teaching is an opportunity for professional growth. 

Course Access and further details:

~ Priyanka Sharma
SME, Postsecondary Completion