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ICYMI: May Reflections and Looking Toward June 2019

Hi all,

Summer is fast approaching. Hopefully, the worst of the Spring weather is behind us. This month we welcomed 11 new members. 11 must have been our lucky number as we also had 11 discussions this month.

We began with an exploration of trauma-informed practices with guest experts Jeri Gue, Stephenie Rittberger, and Dr. Karen Oliver-Rider. Our discussion explored how TIL can lead to higher student retention and improved learning outcomes. We also looked at a program implementing TIL in the workplace. Check out the discussion and let us know what you took away from it! How are you using the information in your practices? What questions do you have. 

Community member Sherry LeHane started a conversation on Engaging Staff in Professional Development and she introduced the concept of using learning circles in professional development. I look forward to continuing this conversation! What questions do you have about learning circles? Do you use them in professional development? What has your experience been with learning circles? 

We highlighted the concept of universal design when building your own curriculum and revisited privacy in a world of technology Finally, we closed the month with The Power of Partnerships between adult literacy programs and public librariesCheck out these conversations. What stands out to you? 

I hope you found this month's topics relevant. Check out our conversations and chime in. 

Kathy Tracey