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ICYMI: November Discussions and Looking Toward December

We are well into our semester and The Evidence Based Professional Development Community of Practice had multiple discussions. Check them out: 

Should we teach spelling in adult education? We posed the question: So, how do you address spelling with students? Do you think that we should focus on spelling in our classrooms? Think about this: The English language has over 200 ways to spell 44 sounds. Knowing that, is spelling instruction important to cover and if so, how do you teach it? 

We then talked about Chronic absenteeism in adult education and posed the following information /questions. Chronic absenteeism is different that stopping out /dropping out. Students are missing class each week. How are we addressing chronic absenteeism in the adult education classroom?  What issues does does chronic absenteeism cause for the teaching / learning experience? 

Understanding the stressers that teachers are dealing with each day, we discussed Teacher burnout. Teacher burnout occurs when we feel highly stressed and / or emotionally exhausted. Current studies and research indicate that teachers experience high levels of job related stress daily as they try to meet the educational / social-emotional / or physical well being of students. As many of us are struggling at this point of the academic year, how are you feeling? How are you dealing with teacher burnout?

And through a cross-post with the Science, College and Carers, and the Math / Numeracy groups, we talked about the connection between math and science instruction

I hope you found November meaningful. Which topic did you find most relevant for your job? What were your talkeaways from the month? 

Kathy Tracey

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