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ICYMI: September Discussions and Resources

It seems like we blinked and September sped by. In case you missed some of Science discussions and resources, here’s a synopsis of what happened.

  • We started the month with a question: What would you like from the Science LINCS Discussion this yearThere is still time to add to this conversation. Let me know what you would like to discuss.
  • We introduced a discussion and resource on climate change. I’d love to hear how you used it for your classroom. It provides cross-curricular ideas. 
  • We also shared health literacy resources on the Zika Virus. How did you use this information and resource shared with students? 
  • There was also a list of podcasts that address science concepts in a fun way; really making learning a mobile activity. 
  • A discussion on Project Based Learning was introduced with specific and relevant strategies for use in the adult education classroom. 
  • Did you know there was a micro group for Science Lessons? We started sharing lesson ideas, with the first one about energy.
  • Finally, check out our event announcement on a free online conference. The topics relevant to Science education were identified.

I hope you enjoyed September. Check out these discussions, add your ideas and comments, and even consider starting your own discussion thread about questions you have or topic ideas you want to discuss.

Let's have a great October.