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The importance of vaccines.

Friends, I want to draw your attention to a current measles outbreak in Minnesota.

How do you teach health literacy and scientific knowledge about vaccines to your students? What fears do they have? How do you help the overcome these fears?
I'd love to hear your stories.

Kathy Tracey


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One hundred


We are again in the midst of a measles outbreak bringing questions about vaccinations to the forefront of a national conversation. Washington State has declared a state emergency. Does adult education have role in the conversations about vaccines? Should we suggest students get vaccinated? Many universities now require vaccination records for new students. As a part of transitioning students to higher education, should we discuss this in our classrooms? 

And how do you help students overcome potential misconceptions about vaccinations based on faulty logic and faulty science? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
Kathy Tracey


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Before we start to suggest to students protocol for measles vaccination-, https,,, and there is so much more. Parents. most anyway, do not know that they can fight/ disallow the children vaccines. but they need the information and questions. My first thought, why should my child be given hepatitis B shot out of the womb, my child is not having sex, OUT OF THE WOMB.

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It is disappointing to see a discussion condoning anti-vaxing while discussing health literacy. Children and adults are being exposed to a deadly disease that was once nearly irdicated but because of this unreliable science has roared back.

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Marsha, I am SO with you. Beyond disappointed to see such dangerously false mis-information posted here. I've reported this comment  - which has no place in in a forum that supports evidence-based science. Thanks for speaking up.