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Indian Percussionist Plays the Fibonacci Sequence

Hello Colleagues,

Cultural music and mathematics, complexity, discipline and practice, and the Joy of being alive in a culturally diverse world might be the themes of thisĀ Fibonacci Konnakol topic. If you don't already know about the Fibonacci Sequence in mathematics -- here's your chance to learn what it is in the time it takes to read a few sentences. If you have not heard one of India's great percussionists, B.C. Manjunath., master of konnakol -- the Carnatic, or South Indian, art of speaking percussive syllables in rapid-fire, intricate patterns to convey a larger thalam, or rhythmic cycle, here's your chance to hear him perform in a three minute YouTube video. Perhaps this video would be a great reward for you, or for students who need a break from the hard work of learning English or preparing for an HSE exam, or learning to read.

David J. Rosen