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Integrating Technology Monthly Summary for April 2019

Hello Integrating Technology colleagues,

Here’s a new way to review what happened in this group for the last month, April 2019.

Two Major Discussions:

Interview with Dr. Jen Vanek: Effective Practices in Distance and Blended Learning

This discussion that took place in the LINCS Integrating Technology, Program Management and Professional Development groups had over 400 views  and 16 comments as of the end of April.  Here’s a link to the summary, prepared by Kathy Tracey.

After reading the comments in this discussion, and perhaps also skimming the IDEAL Consortium handbook, what are the takeaways for you that will help you develop or improve your blended or distance learning program?

           The 4 C's of digital literacy, and how _you_ think about it

This discussion, bt the end of April, had 250 views and ten comments. It began with the Moderator, David J. Rosen, posing the “4 C’s of Digital Literacy as he sees them: Curiosity, Comfort, Competence and Courage. Two more "Cs" have been added in the discussion by others: Command of Language, and Care of Technology.

Which of the 6 C's are most important for the adult learners you work with?

Total members as of end of April: 1998

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group