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Introduce Yourself

Greetings, everyone!

I'm glad to see so many of us have found our way to this new format for sharing!

One thing that I always wanted to know that wasn't easy to find out in the discussion list format was what the interests were of the people on the list.  I'm suggesting that new members, and you are all new at this point, tell us just a few things about themselves, so that we can start building community.  What I would like to know is:

--Where are you from?

--What is your job title and what are your responsibilities in your job?

--What would you like to know more about that would be a good discussion topic for this group?

--Any other information about you that you would like to share.


I'll start!

--Where are you from?
I'm Donna Brian, and I'm based in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was at the University of Tennessee, but now work from home.

--What is your job title and what are your responsibilities in your job?
I'm the "Subject Matter Expert" (SME) for this Career Pathways group, and that means that I'll be responding to subject matter inquiries, providing resources, and suggesting discussion guests, among other responsibilities for this group.

--What would you like to know more about that would be a good discussion topic for this group?
I'd really like to know more about the members of this group and their interests related to workforce education.  I'd like to hear from people in the states that are using career pathways as the focus of their workforce education, and I always am interested in collaboration among community non-profits, adult education programs, community colleges, one stops, business and industry, etc.

--Any other information about you that you would like to share.
Although I did teach adult education to workers in a hospital setting a few years back, I've been more involved in research and reports on workforce ed projects than I have in actual teaching in the field. So I need those you with the "boots on the ground" experience in the field to guide me if I get off on the wrong course or if what I put out there isn't valid.  Please!


Thanks to everyone for jumping in here.  We already have 75 members as of 9/10/12!  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!






Dawn Hobson's picture

 I live in Bisbee, Arizona and work district wide in Cochise College.  I taught English as a second language in high schools and also have taught teenage native speakers for eleven years.  Currently I am working to promote transition to college and career growth with adult education students. This entails assisting initial intake in GED preparation and ELAA classes, classroom visits, workshop planning and delivery, face-to-face guidance, teacher training and leadership and teaching one GED preparation class.  I coordinate our Pathway's team which consists of members of the whole college and the adult education. 

Topics I'd like to know more about are student persistence, impact of GED 2014 on college readiness, strengthening college programs that promote vocational skills, and securing a bright future for families headed by the working poor.




faithsch's picture

Hello everyone!

My name is Faith Schauermann and I am from Taos, New Mexico. I teach GED Mathematics at The Adult Learning Center at UNM-Taos as well as College Algebra for post-secondary students. At the Adult Learning Center I also work as an advisor and educator for the mathematics portion of the GED Exam and Adult Basic Education. I am interested in hearing more about incorporating Career Pathways into general instructions so that students will have a vision for their future. This is a goal not only for our center, but also a personal goal as I feel this awareness will benefit the student as well as increase retention.

I look forward to seeing what this group will offer as I trust many have a wealth of experience to share.


Faith Schauermann

Susan Kidd's picture

I'm Susan Kidd, from the state of Washington. I work as a Progam Administrator for the ABE office of the State Board for Community & Technical Colleges. That's way too many words, but it gets across the idea that I work at the state level to support Adult Basic Skills. I am part of a team of Program Administartors responsible for program development. As many of you probably know, I-BEST, a major initiative in Washington State, integrates basic skills and professional/technical training to help move students to the tipping point of a family-sustaining wage. We are continuing to expand the I-BEST pathways. One of these expansions provides an On-Ramp to Ip-BEST. I am interested in any information about career exploration that could be useful inthis context.

Fun fact: Washington is a geographically diverse state. I live on the eastern (dry) side of the Cascade Mountains where my husband and I have a winery and use sheep to tend our vineyard.