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Hello Math and Numeracy Group!

I apologize if there is another discussion for introductions. If so, it is buried deep in the pages of activity from years ago.

I am a certified, English/Spanish secondary public school teacher in Huntington, WV. I presently am adult ed licensed by reason of my public school certification and maintained by adult ed professional development. I am a literacy assistant for a nonprofit in the WV-OH-KY area.

I tutor with drop-in learners, among my many other job duties, and there is not much I have not tried to tutor, ESL, math and numeracy, reading and writing, high school equivalency prep, or just about anything else asked of me.

I joined specifically to attend the webinar on Friday, September 7. I have a math learner who is difficult to work with, and I am hoping to learn a few tricks to help keep his attention.

Thank you for putting up with me!