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It's Never Too Late to Learn -- on the ED blog

Hello and Welcome, Heather! We are so delighted to have you join the group as a SME!

I wanted to let the group know that a new blog has been posted on the blog about Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier's trip to a correctional facility in Iowa.  It's great to have strong partners in the Department helping elevate the issues around correctional ed and reentry.






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One hundred

Hello Heidi and thank you!  I also just read John White's blog post about his trip through Iowa.  Unfortunately he and Assistant Secretary Dann-Messier were too early to see the beautiful Autumn foliage in Dubuque, but there trip was a success nonetheless.  I was pleased to have been invited to participate in the morning Roundtable discussions held at Kirkwood Community College and the Community Corrections Improvement Association in order to provide a demonstration of The WiderNet Project's Corrections Off-Line Education Platform (COEP) system during their visit.  Assistant Secretary Dann-Messier was so gracious and enthusiastic about the programs we presented.  Many of her responses included the question "Why aren't we doing this everywhere?!"  I think this question could be asked at many facilities and I hope some of our discussions will facilitate that sort of cross-pollination. Thanks again for the warm welcome!