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I've got a little project going...

I found out about Open Educational Resources -- " free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes"  right here at LINCS. I was part of several projects, creating and curating OER for Math.

  I think it's time to scale up!   

  I've been diving into research on postsecondary math, and there are so, so many people who aren't being served.   Most people never get through remedial math in college; in the past 10 years or so there have been steps taken to make things better — usually by making things faster.   Results are coming in and they’re great for the students that works for but… that’s not many.

  So!  I shared some ideas with the Rebus Community,  and we’re launching a project to address a piece of this huge gap and design a course,  a specific course to address the students I know the most about — the ones who might have a special ed label, who benefit from concrete connections and lots of structure and review.   

   I want to create cognitively accessible math  knowing that with the right kind of instruction and engagement, we really can help students improve their numeracy and open up life and career opportunities.

   I’m looking for help at any and all levels. I’m not an organizer — I just know a few things.   If you just want to follow along — that’s on my “activity” list. If you — or your institution, or somebody you think of — might want to take on actually organizing things, that’s another activity.  Please share!

    Thanks for listening … let me know if you have questions or ideas.