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Journal Article: Immigrants Learning English in a Time of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

I am pleased to share an article from volume one, issue one of the new ProLiteracy peer-reviewed, online research journal, Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy. This article is written by Clarena Larrotta, Texas State University.

Immigrants bring a wide variety of skills that favor market productivity and add to the economic life of the country. They contribute to the development of the U.S. economy through the skills they bring to the market (cognitive skills such as abstract thinking, non-cognitive skills such as motivation and initiative, and specific skills such as the ability to operate machinery) and through the small business they own. 

Despite being a significant force in the development of the economy and the contribution they make to the demographic diversification and cultural growth of the country, immigrants are currently not welcome in the United States. 

You can download the full article here. Please leave your questions in this discussion thread. 


Andrea Echelberger's picture

The impact of the current immigration policies and rhetoric on learners in English classes is something that we educators can't afford to ignore. I'm looking forward to hearing what programs and teachers are doing to support learners during this time. 

Victoria Rainis's picture

Dear Jennifer,

This article has helped me to respond in a more professional and appropriately defensive manner to negative comments from people who hate immigrants. Not only does it state factual information about the fear-mongering & demonizing of immigrants, but it focuses on the multiple benefits that immigrants bring/have contributed to the cultural, demographic, & economic make-up of the United States for decades. Often, I feel broadsided by comments aimed at criminalizing our immigrant community and I get tongue-tied as I try to respond but this article helps me to reply with more confidence. I truly appreciate that you shared this article and I have passed it on to my CSIU agency supervisor and colleagues. Thank you for the support!