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July's member profile is Dr. Holly Sawyer

Dr. Holly Sawyer is a relatively new member to the LINCS community, joining us five months ago.  In her short time with our community, she has started to become acquainted with all that LINCS has to offer.  However, as many of you may also feel, she’s got questions about how this all works.  Below are Holly's responses to several questions I recently asked her about her work, her interest in joining the LINCS community, and her goals for the future.

You can find Holly's full profile here:

1.Where do you work and how long have you been working in the field of adult education? 

I have been in the field of adult education since 2008 (7 years). I have been in my current position as the Lead Instructor/Professional Development Specialist at Temple University's, Center for Social Policy and Community Development since November 2014 (7 months).

2. In this position, are you focused on academic skill building, career skills and competencies, or both?  

We approach educating the adult holistically. This means academic skill building, career skills, competencies and social services. We understand the adult population needs vary and have to be able to have tools in place to retain them. 

3. What is one goal that you have for being a member of this LINCS community of practice?

My goal is to use the LINCS as a vital resource for my professional development and apply what I learn in my current role, as well as in the classroom.

4. What is one question that you have for your LINCS colleagues?

There are so many groups, how do you decide on which groups to be a part of and how do you manage them? I would like to learn more from others in these groups about how they are using LINCS as a professional development opportunity.

Thanks, Holly, for sharing a little bit about your work, and your goals in joining  LINCS. Veteran community members, what advice can you share with Holly about getting the most from the groups where you are a member? 

One suggestion I make to new members is completing your profile – with photo – so that others can get to know a little bit about you, and your work.  Holly has already taken the first step, how about you?  Are you making the best use of our community?   Start by completing your profile today; it only takes five minutes, and you might be next month’s member profile!

Mike Cruse

Disabilities in Adult Education Moderator