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Leading your team when building your own curriculum.


I have worked with programs and teachers as they navigate the process of building their own online curriculum. Where do you begin in the course design process? I invite you to explore two resources. First, let's look at Designing an Online Course. This site explores course mapping, creating learning objectives, aligning the content to the objectives, assessing learning, and building your course. The second resource is a LINCS Resource on Universal Design. How do you provide students with multiple means of engagement, representation, and action / representation? 

How do you provide support for your staff when they develop an online course? What is this process at your facility? 

I'd love to hear your processes.

Kathy Tracey




Marcia Spadaro's picture

I love the UDL technique, i find that students feel more empowered by having  a choice in how to present content and show what they have learned. I wish I could have seen the discussion on the UDL topic.

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One hundred

HI Marcia, 

If you go to the gray ribbon on the top of the screen, you can find a search bar. If you type in Universal Design, you will find all kinds of comments and discussions focused on this topic. I agree with you, students are often more engaged when they have control over what they do and how they demonstrate skill mastery.