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Learn with LINCS: Engaging the Adult Learner in Science

The new Science course has been launched.  I will post the announcement and then, in a second post, give the log-in instructions:

As part of our ongoing efforts to connect adult education practitioners to free, high-quality professional development opportunities, LINCS has launched the LINCS Learning Portal: The LINCS Learning Portal is a web-based platform that connects adult educators to self-paced online courses from OVAE initiatives. 


The first course developed by LINCS —Engaging Adult Learners in Science— is available now.  This course provides an overview of the relevance and importance of science in the adult basic education/adult secondary education (ABE/ASE) classroom and introduces the use of scientific practices in the ABE/ASE classroom.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Understanding the Importance of Scientific Literacy for Adult Learners

  • Science and scientific literacy
  • Relevance of science to adult learners in basic education

Session 2: Exploring the Scientific Practices

  • Eight scientific practices
  • Compare and contrast the scientific practices and the scientific method
  • The scientific practices in everyday life

Session 3: Observing the Scientific Practices in the Classroom

  • Classroom activities that use the scientific practices
  • Integration of the scientific practices in adult classrooms


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Important note about accounts: The LINCS Community and LINCS Learning Portal currently are two separate systems. This means that you will need to create a new account to join the LINCS Learning Portal. You do not need to pick a new username; as your username for the Learning Portal will be your email address. However, you will need to choose a new 8-character password. The LINCS team is investigating the technical steps it would take to merge these two systems under one account structure (i.e., Single Sign On).

To join the LINCS Learning Portal, follow the following steps:

1. Go to the log in page at:

2. Click the Create User / Sign up button in the Need to register? box. You will need to create a new account (separate from your LINCS Community account).

3. Complete the requested information to create your account. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions; and click Create an Account.

4. An email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. Click the link in your email to verify your email address and complete your account set up.

5. Within that email, click the Continue to LINCS Learning Online link and log in by entering your username (email address) and password.


To enroll in Engaging Adult Learners in Science

1. Click the course title: Engaging Adult Learners in Science in the LINCS Science section.

2. Click Enroll me on the next screen, then on the new screen click Launch to start the course.


We are excited to provide you with this valuable resource and expand it by adding additional courses throughout the coming months! If you have any questions about accessing or using the LINCS Learning Portal, please contact us at: