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Learning to Achieve

I recently attended a conference to present two Learning to Achieve Modules:  Self-Determination and Workforce Preparation Strategies.  Both modules, as do all the learning to Achieve modules, present methods and strategies to help adult educators support adult students with LD.

The Self-Determination module considers six factors that affect an individual’s ability to be self-determined:  gaining self-awareness, learning to value yourself, planning, being proactive, reflecting and readjusting, and environment.  We had some meaningful discussions about these factors and ways to encourage self-determination in adults with LD.  Please share thoughts you may have about how you encourage self-determination in your students.

During the Workforce preparation module we discussed the challenges adult learners with LD encounter in finding and keeping employment, and how we can support our students in applied skill areas such as teamwork, problem solving, work ethics, and technology.  We also view some resources, such as the Job Accommodation Network.  Please share any ideas or resources you use to prepare your students, especially those with disabilities, for employment.

You can find the online courses at

I look forward to hearing your ideas!