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Learning to Achieve (L2A) in 2017

Are you looking for new ideas to work with struggling learners in your program?  If you have not already, check out The LINCS Learning Portal's Learning to Achieve (L2A) suite of eight, self-paced courses on working with learners with learning disabilities. 

These L2A courses help instructors anticipate and manage the practical challenges and pedagogical dynamics of educating adults with learning disabilities.  Choose individual courses, or complete the whole suite.  You can read more about each course, and register, at the hyperlinks below:

Whether you complete one, two, or more courses, you are encouraged to also complete the post-course surveys for each course.  These surveys help improve future resources for educating adults with learning disabilities.  You are also encouraged to share your thoughts in the Disabilities in Adult Education Group.

Mike Cruse

Disabilities in Adult Education Moderator


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Mike, thanks for posting this great resource. The topics you list apply to all adult educators, whose learners include large numbers of LD students. As I mentioned in another post last month, I think, there are many misperceptions about learning disabilities, which, if cleared up, would really benefit students and those who instruct them.

Would anyone in this community like to join me in taking one of these courses? I would be fun learn among cohorts. Sign up right here is you wish to join me and others in this fun activity! Or, if you prefer, drop me an email at . Leecy


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These newly released playlists for the Learning to Achieve (L2A) self-paced courses are now available, building on the belief that high-quality services for individuals with disabilities is a critical component of WIOA, its partners and practitioners. You will gain a wealth of technical assistance resources to help you reach that goal with these ten playlists.

Each playlist is a carefully selected set of links to resources such as toolkits, reports, online courses, and videos on a specific topic related to improving service to individuals with disabilities.  The resources are intended for use by workforce development professionals, employers, rehabilitation services providers, adult educators, and other practitioners.

Check them out today, and share your insights, questions, and feedback here.

Mike Cruse