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Letting Students Choose How to Learn

For those familiar with Student-Centered Learning (SCL), the idea of giving students options for how they wish to learn is not new. Providing students with time and ways to work independently or in small groups is one way to introduce choice; however, there are many other ways to diversify the learning experience of our extremely diverse adult learners.

What are some of the most effective ways your students choose to learn in your setting? Do those ways require any special tools, equipment, resources, or preparation for the student and/or teacher? How do you get your students to feel comfortable making the decision to use an unfamiliar method of learning?

Let's hear your ideas!



Kathy_Tracey's picture
One hundred

Thank you for starting this discussion! I often wonder if the learning process is so overwhelming so structuring the learning with defined outcomes is where I try to start. I also limit the choices - sometimes, too many options can make a person freeze. While students are becoming comfortable with taking ownership of their own learning, starting with specific and manageable tasks that are aligned with the student's goals for entering the program is typically where I try to being.

I'd love to hear more concrete ideas from our community members.