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LINCS Program Management Group June 2019 Summary of Activity

Hello Program Management colleagues,

Here's a Summary of Activity for the LINCS Program Management Group in June 2019.

Members as of June 30th: 1177

New members: 2

LINCS Badges:

You may have noticed a badge next to the names of people who reached these LINCS posting benchmarks: 1st post, 10 posts, 50 Posts and 100 posts.

In June, these people who posted (not including current moderators) had 100 post badges

  • Jen Vanek, 100 posts

  • Leecy Wise, 100 posts

Discussion of note:

Discussion : Motivation

In this discussion about motivating students to write the theme has been incorporating employability skills into classroom writing activities. People have suggested that you can motivate students to write, beyond social media and texting, with the following:

Internal incentives

  • Connecting writing with learners’ personal goals and interests

External incentives

  • Providing gas vouchers as incentives to write

Regular writing practice

  • Using an ungraded writing journal
  • Weekly writing assignments

Real-life writing activities

  • An activity based around a monthly soft skill theme
  • A curriculum that includes outcomes around e-mails (thank-yous, requesting information, complaints). 
  • Business letters for self-employed students (proposals, loan requests, marketing materials)
  • Creating Instagram copy
  • Text messaging in business practice

To learn about – or ask about these practices, go directly to Discussion : Motivation

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group