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LINCS Resource - Supporting the Use of Data Through Professional Development

Good afternoon,

I want to highlight a resource from the LINCS Resource Collection under Program Management that you may find helpful, especially in light of the upcoming release of the PIACC data and reports on October 8.  The link to this publication, "Supporting the Use of Data Through Professional Development", is found here:

"This resource guide, developed by the American Institutes for Research, highlights four states’ efforts in integrating NRS-related professional development on data use into their accountability and professional development systems. Policies and practices in New York, Texas, Ohio, and Kansas were studied by interviewing state directors and staff responsible for accountability and NRS-related professional development. State reports, documents, and related technical assistance resources were also examined as part of this study.

Several common themes and ‘lessons learned’ in studying promising practices in these states are discussed. Performance-based funding, report cards, needs assessments, and data quality certification checklists are several of the policies and procedures that impact data-related professional development. Professional development content and delivery mechanisms are also described in the guide and detailed descriptions for practices in each state are provided in the Appendices."

It would be great to hear from practitioners in New York, Texas, Ohio, and Kansas who could share with us your states' experience in using data for professional development!

Gail Cope, SME, LINCS Program Management