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Literacy Guide

Reading and Writing Colleagues,

I want to call your attention to this new free publication by Amy Trawick based on the PIAAC conceptual framework, and with concrete, practical ideas for teaching reading.

This might be a good guide for a professional development reading group!

David J. Rosen


Literacy Guide  By Amy R. Trawick

879e28b7-e122-4d7f-b607-8612184bd435.pngTeaching reading is not easy. In the 21st century, reading requires us to navigate diverse text formats, written for varied purposes and presented in myriad media. We read for idiosyncratic reasons and in highly individualized situations, at home, in the community, and at work. The PIAAC conceptual framework for the literacy assessment addresses the multifaceted nature of reading.This guide introduces adult educators to aspects of PIAAC’s work that might inform reading instruction for adults. Drawing from the framework’s grounding in a use-oriented conception of competency and a view of proficiency as a continuum, this guide introduces a contextualized approach to curriculum development that supports adult learners in building skills for literacy use in ways that prepare them to exercise agency in the complex personal, social, political, and economic spheres of adult life in the United States. Classroom examples are included. Check out the full guide HERE.



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David, I just checked the Table of Contents for the Amy Trawick's Literacy Guide and really appreciate the topics covered! I think that this guide will provide an ideal resource for discussions in a small Writing Circle among those who would like to take a bite at a time in an interactive community. I will post an invitation and a poll to members here. If we have four to six people interested, we could work on a schedule, with specific topics addressed each time until we cover all items of interest. Thanks for the resource and suggestion!

NOTE: The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) is a cyclical, large-scale study that was developed under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Adults were surveyed in 24 participating countries in 2012 and 9 additional countries in 2014.

To All: If you would like to join this Writing Circle, reply here to this post or email me at the address below, and I'll "get the ball rolling!" Hopefully, some of you will volunteer to help plan this event. It promises to be not only helpful but fun! Let me hear from you!

Leecy Wise, Moderator
Reading and Writing CoP