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Dear Colleagues,
Just wanted to bring to your attention that we have launched the redesigned and enhanced, the free comic generator used in many literacy programs to teach English and other languages.  It is easier to navigate, allows users to build longer comic strip stories, enables users to make comics with their mobile phones, and allows them to write text for their comics in any language they wish, including Chinese, Korean and Japanese.  Many of you use our cite to teach English and literacy.   It was a big undertaking, but very much worth doing, and the changes reflect what users have asked for over the years.
Hope, when you can, that you'll take a look at it and consider sharing with your community.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our educational resource. 
As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.
Best wishes,
Bill Zimmerman


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Bill, as you know, I always promote the use of comics as a tool to improve reading and writing among both native and non=native speakers! I'm anxious to check out your new additions! I hope others here will, too, and then return her to comment. Thanks! Leecy

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Bill, it is rare today to find organizations that make useful tools available to teachers for free. Even rarer is a group that updates their tools based on feedback! I am personally so appreciative of the efforts you put into providing our educational field with resources that are much needed! 

If educators find free tools like this one that you wish to support, please don't forget that they all accept donations :) You will find the donations page for Makebeliefscomix here if you are so inclined to support their efforts. 

It is funny that I have paid more in donations to free products than I have ever spent in fee based products. This is because I know that although I have the means to "buy" a tool I need, the vast majority of teachers I know do not individually have funds necessary to buy the good tools available. Making tools freely available to educators increases adoption of those tools incredibly and is much appreciated by those that use those tools! Donations to the providers that make those tools help talented and responsive producers continue the valuable work they do. 

Thanks again for the revisions and updates! I will check out the changes on the the site more in depth this next week or so and hope to share thoughts then.