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Dear colleague,

In our efforts to make MakeBeliefsComix more fun and useful to students and educators, we are launching two new features. 

.One will feature more than 40 greeting cards which can be incorporated within the comic strip stories you create, or which can be sent as stand-alone messages of greetings to your friends, colleagues and family. You can choose among the ones for special holidays, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas, as well as those messages of good will which connect you to your loved ones. There are even two interactive cards on which you can write personal messages.  (TOBY, DO WE NEED TO PROVIDE A LINK TO THE CARDS?)

.The other new feature includes more than two dozen striking facial masks which were specially designed by famed artist Tom Bloom who also has drawn all the many, diverse characters found at our free comic generator.  The masks provide added fun and mystery to your comic strip stories and can be placed on the faces of the characters to change their look and attitude.  The masks offer new possibilities for the adventures of your comic characters.  (TOBY, DO WE NEED TO PROVIDE A LINK TO THE MASKS?)

We hope you will enjoy the new features and incorporate them in the creative work you do. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to enhance  Write to  Thank you.


Bill Zimmerman

Creator, MakeBeliefsComix


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One hundred

 Wonderful, Bill. Things just get better and better. Thanks for sharing.

If you use this great site among your students, please share ideas with us here. I know that students at all levels enjoy creating and sharing strips to tell a story, share a message or joke, and exchange creations with each other. And now they can send cards! Research tells us that when we are laughing, we are learning. I think it's true! Leecy