Skip to main content Launches Comic Starters ESOL/Writing Features has launched six new comic starters features for educators to use with students during the new school year. They offer scores of writing prompts and story ideas to help users explore your wonderful imagination and communicate their ideas by creating comic strips. (See: )

According to Bill Zimmerman, creator of the free comic generating website, this new feature is part of his mission to encourage people to discover their writers’ voices and to explore all that is within their hearts and imaginations. 

MakeBeliefsComix, used by educators and educational therapists around the world, offers a variety of activities to encourage writing and communication and the acquisition of language skills.  In addition to the comic generator, the educational resource includes hundreds of graphic printables, greeting cards, a writing blog known as and many free interactive e-books. 

In addition to founding the web site, Zimmerman is the author of more than two dozen books, and for many years created the popular Student Briefing Page for Newsday which was twice nominated for a Pulitzer.